Helpful Packing Guides

Helpful Packing Guides
Appliances (small):
Pack in factory boxes when available and wrap or cushion with dishtowel or bubble wrap.
Appliances (large):
Your refrigerator, freezer, stove, washing machine, dryer and dishwasher should be packed last and loaded first on moving day.  Make sure your refrigerator and freezer are defrosted and the water has been drained from your washing machine.  Remove all fittings and accessories and put in plastic bags.  Stuff towels between the washing machine sides and tub to keep tub from moving.  Tape down all movable parts and doors (on appliances only).  cover appliances with pads and tie with rope.  Large appliances should always be moved in an upright position.
Disassemble beds and mark each piece so it's easy to reassemble.  Tie bed rails together with rope or tape and protect mattresses in a mattress cover.
Wrap arms and legs in bubble wrap.  Cover furniture with a furniture pad.
Use our wardrobe boxes to leave clothes hanging.  Leave small items in bureau drawers or fold in storage boxes.
Leave draperies in dry cleaning bags and hang them in a Wardrobe box.  Place curtain rod hardware in plastic bags and secure to the rod.
Wrap each piece in bubble wrap.  Pack all dishes on their edge, not flat.  Cushion with towels.
Glasses and Collectibles: 
Wrap individually in bubble wrap and tape securely.
Place pots, pans and other kitchenware in boxes and cushion with newspaper or towel between each piece.
Wrap shades with bubble wrap and pack separately.  Wrap bases in bubble wrap and pack in boxes.
Mirrors and Framed Artwork: 
Small items can be placed in bubble wrap and packed in boxes.  Larger items should be wrapped in cloth and covered with cardboard.
Motorized Vehicles: 
Any vehicle using gas should have a full gas tank.  It's the fumes of a half empty gas tank that could be explosive.
Patio Furniture: 
Disassemble when possible.  Pack screws and bolts in plastic bags and tape to corresponding part.  Attach disassembled pieces together with tape or rope.
It's best not to store live plants.  Place plastic bags over silk or plastic plants and set apart or on top of something in unit to avoid damage.
If possible, remove legs and extra leaves.  Pad and tie them together.  Place hardware in plastic bags and tape under table.
Tools and Gardening Equipment: 
Place hoses and hand held tools in boxes.  Tie long handled tools together.